The most favorable days for planting potatoes

If you are interested in favorable days for planting potatoes, then first you need to study the cultivation of this vegetable. He needs to provide good conditions for growth and harvest.

A large role in the formation of tubers is given to the earth. It should be loose, as the dense soil makes the tubers feel uncomfortable and can become deformed.

Potatoes and their cultivation

Note that seed potatoes grown extremely rarely. It develops quite well in sandy loamy moderately moist soil. If the land is sandy, then it needs to be well fertilized.

As for the chemical composition, then from it a successful growing potatoes practically does not depend. The soil can be either slightly acidic or neutral.

remember, that fertilizer for potatoesI should not add thoughtlessly without observing the recommended proportions. So, with an excess of nitrogen fertilization, tubers are practically not formed, while the potato bush itself blooms and grows vigorously.

Choosing which potato breeding It suits you best, proceed to planting it. By the way, the hotter the climate, the deeper the tubers are buried. Otherwise, they can later be "baked" in the sun.

Before, how to plant potatoes, pay attention to the tuber itself. If he has sprouts, then they need to be placed up. But the cut parts of the vegetable, on the contrary, are laid with the cut down.
The distance between the rows and tubers depends on the potato variety. So, early varieties ripen earlier and do not have time to grow. Accordingly, they require less space.

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