How to form a cucumber bush

The root system of the cucumber is not too strong, therefore only with its help the plant is not able to provide all the ovaries that are formed on it with nutrients and water throughout the entire growth process.

In order for your plants not to suffer, to develop correctly and give decent yields, you need to know that cucumber bush formation - a necessary measure. Let's talk about the features of this procedure.

Of course, there is no single methodology, but the main nuances are as follows. Formation must begin when the plants have eight to nine true leaves. When the active setting of cucumber fruits begins, the growth of the bush itself slows down, because now the plant lets all the nutrients and moisture into the growth of the fruits. Therefore, I advise you to leave a couple of especially well-developed cucumbers on the 5-6 bosom, remove the rest. In the next bosom, remove all the ovaries. Then again leave 2-3 of the most developed fruits, and nothing in the subsequent sinus. Next, leave a stepson on the plant, on which there are 2-3 fruits, and so on. This method allows the fruits to ripen evenly, without becoming shallow.

It is also important to correctly form cucumber bushes on trellises. After all, if you do not cut off and do not remove excess, then in too thickened plantings, the rapid development of diseases and the appearance of pests are very likely. Therefore, the distance between the bushes should be at least 50-60 cm. When the bush grows to about 2 m on a vertical trellis, it should be pinched. Pinching is carried out over 2-3 leaves of the main shoot after the last fruit. Tying the cucumber stems to the wire on the trellis should be done carefully, not overtightening, so as not to pinch the stems and deprive the plants of nutrients.

Correct and timely formation of the cucumber bush will allow you to get excellent yields in your greenhouses.

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