Why do the leaves of tomato seedlings turn yellow

It is necessary to deal with seedlings very carefully, since this the whole future harvest depends. But at the same time, sometimes, especially with novice gardeners, the leaves of tomato seedlings turn yellow. Why this occurs and how to deal with it, you need to find out from more experienced colleagues. But you can still save such seedlings.

To begin with, remember that tomato seedlings love a lot of light. If the place insufficiently lit, then the leaves of young plants will quickly turn yellow, wither and become stained. If it is possible to keep the seedlings on the window or on the balcony, then the tomatoes will be very grateful to you. Oddly enough, the leaves of tomato seedlings turn yellow due to excess moisture. High soil moisture contributes to the growth of bacteria and fungi, which leads to various diseases. In this case, you will have to work hard to save the seedlings.

Each plant must be pulled out of the ground and the roots cleaned. If there are black and rotten roots, then they must be removed. The main core and two or three large processes are left. The yellow leaves are removed. Then the plant is transplanted into another slightly moist soil. In this case, the soil should be atadded with organic substances. Water the plant sparingly. In the early days, a little along the main root, you can tint the water with potassium permanganate (especially if there were rotten roots). It is also necessary to ventilate the room constantly, since the flow of fresh air will not allow bacteria and fungi to parasitize on the seedlings.

Before planting in the main soil, the roots of the plants can be treated again Bordeaux liquid or a weak solution of copper sulfate. This will prevent diseases and will allow you to get a good harvest from these seedlings.

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