How to plant tomatoes correctly?

Almost all people love tomatoes, and there is no summer resident or gardener who does not grow them on his site. Firstly, the time of night frosts must pass, and secondly, you need to choose a cloudy day for planting, otherwise the tomatoes will hurt for a long time and take root badly.

Tomatoes feel great on any soil, but when digging, it is better to add humus, compost, ash or mineral fertilizers. Holes for tall, indeterminate bushes need to be located about a meter apart, and for short, determinant bushes, half a meter is enough. The holes need to be dug to such a depth and width so that the root ball along with the earth and part of the stem can fit in it, so the plant will better develop the root system, and the bush will subsequently give a greater harvest. If you are planting a lot of tomato roots at once, then it is better not to dig individual holes, but to make continuous furrows.

Next, we pour fertilizers (mineral, ash, peat) into the holes or furrows and fill them with water. When the water is absorbed, we distribute the seedlings over the holes or furrows, bury and water again. Here, in fact, is the whole way how to plant tomatoes correctly. After planting, tomatoes do not need to be watered for 10 days in order for the root system to develop better. And when the stems laid down during planting rise, the tomatoes should be tied up. Well, then all summer you should weed, loosen and pinch.

Watch the video: Correct Way To Plant Tomatoes (October 2021).