How are cucumbers useful?

Cucumber one of the most consumed and popular vegetables. These vegetables are grown in almost every garden and summer cottage, without regard to what cucumbers are useful for, but simply because they are tasty and can be added to different dishes.

However, the cucumber is worth growing not only because of its excellent taste, but also because it is a very healthy vegetable.

How are cucumbers useful?

- the cucumber contains: calcium, iron, potassium, iodine, phosphorus, small amounts of carotene, B1, B2, pantothenic acid, PP, B6, Ch, etc .;

- due to the fact that cucumber juice has whitening and refreshing properties, makes the skin dull and velvety, cucumber is useful in cosmetology, besides, it helps to cope with freckles, acne, various age spots, promotes hair growth;

- cucumber increases appetite, and also helps food to be better absorbed, has a mild laxative effect, at the same time strengthens blood vessels and heart muscle, it is advisable to regularly eat cucumber for diseases of the kidneys, stomach, liver, it also improves work and helps to remove excess water from the body ... Cucumber is a good diuretic. Fresh cucumber juice is useful for coughs, tuberculosis, pain in the intestines and stomach;

- a cucumber is able to quickly even out the acid imbalance in the body, with constantly disturbing acne, boils, wounds, it is necessary to eat more cucumbers;

- tartronic acid in cucumbers does not allow carbohydrates to turn into fats and be deposited in the human body, therefore it is advisable to use it with diets and with a course of weight loss;

- cucumber quenches thirst well, and the water contained in it is a natural adsorbent that breaks down poisons, therefore cucumber is very effective in case of poisoning. And with regular use of cucumbers, the poisons accumulated in it are removed from the body.

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