What varieties of cucumbers are more suitable for Siberia

Although cucumbers are a heat-loving culture, many gardeners cannot imagine their 6 acres without this vegetable - after all, this is a storehouse of vitamins and microelements. Therefore, breeders derive varieties of cucumbers for Siberia, which are very much in demand by summer residents and everyone who likes to dig in the ground. After all, the yield largely depends on which variety is chosen for cultivation and whether it is zoned for a given area.

The most suitable varieties of cucumbers for Siberia

Altai is a cucumber variety with excellent taste in salting. The plant is cold-resistant and quite disease-resistant. Designed for landing in open and protected ground.

Serpentine is an early variety with short lashes, small fruits, gherkin type, with large tubercles. This is a versatile variety, as it is famous for its good taste in any form: fresh and canned. Serpentine is a variety of intensive fruiting, only in the first 10 days it is possible to collect up to 1.7 kg per square meter of planting. In addition, it is relatively resistant to a complex of diseases.

Business is a mid-season cucumber variety with medium-sized fruits that are suitable for canning. The variety is cultivated both in open and protected ground. Fruits are formed most often on lateral shoots. This variety of cucumbers has very high taste qualities both fresh and salted. It is resistant to many diseases.

Brigantine is also a mid-season cucumber variety, but is intended only for open ground. Good taste makes it suitable for pickling and canning. This variety has a fairly high resistance to diseases.

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