How to care for strawberries

I remember how I visited my grandmother in the Urals as a child and collected real wild strawberries there, I really wanted to grow this tasty berry in my summer cottage, brought this strawberry with my mother to their dacha, in the southern region, but the bushes disappeared. Only a few years later, we realized how to care for strawberries so that they grow in unusual conditions for it, it's not only about care, but also about varieties, because for each region you need to choose a suitable plant adapted to given climatic conditions.

Of course, no berry can match the taste of wild strawberries, but you can also grow delicious garden strawberries in your summer cottage. Garden strawberry is a very fragrant, aromatic and tasty berry. It is quite unpretentious and can grow almost anywhere, gives a rich harvest and tolerates winter well. Strawberries give a good mood, improve appetite and digestion.

Garden strawberries ripen in summer, and they bear fruit within three weeks. In order to extend the fruiting period, it is best to grow early, mid-ripening and late-ripening strawberries in the summer cottage.

In order to get a good harvest, you need to know how to care for strawberries, how to choose the right place for planting them, in particular, you cannot grow garden strawberries in low-lying places, where they will be blown by cold air. This berry grows best on slopes that face the southwest side. Strawberries need to be transplanted every four years, since if it grows in one place for more than four years, it can be damaged by infection and disease.

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