Hazel and hazel

Birch family has about 130 species of trees and shrubs, divided into six genera. Despite the fact that the names are different, we are talking about the same type of tree that grows in the forest conditions of the temperate climates of North America, East Asia and Europe.

Known about 20 types of hazel... Hazel (hazel) is deciduous shrub or small tree, the height of which can be from 4 to 15 meters... On the twig-like branches, large dark green leaves in the form of a wide core oval appear every spring. And in autumn, the leaves acquire a beautiful red or yellow color.

The plant is distinguished by its durability and resistant to frosty weather conditions.

In September hazel and hazel give already ripe edible brown nuts.

For those who want to grow hazel in their area, you need to know that the tree loves fresh, slightly acidic and fertile soil... In this case, it is best to choose a sunny place, although the plant will not die in the shade, it will just develop more slowly.

Every year the hazel needs feeding, therefore, it is necessary to add mineral fertilizers to the soil. IN watering the plant only needs a dry summer. Pruning it is recommended to be carried out every five years, preferably in early spring.

Some gardeners use hazel or hazel as hedges or alleys... Several of these trees create an excellent landscape design.

In warm climatic conditions, hazel is grown to obtain a valuable harvest. hazelnuts.

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