At what distance to plant tomatoes

After the tomato seedlings have gained strength, and the weather outside the window has become warmer, comes planting time into the ground. In order for the crop to be full, you need to know the basic rule - at what distance to plant tomatoes... This is important because this vegetable is extremely does not like tightness. When plants are close together, they will grow slowly, the number of leaves and fruits will be small, and the likelihood of various diseases increase significantly.

Therefore, when planting a tomato, the distances between them and between the beds must be taken into account. If the size of the site allows, then you can plant them 50-60 cm apart... But most often the dacha is somewhat smaller than we would like. In such cases, other figures must be observed, which depend on the variety of tomato:

1. Early varieties can be planted closer to each other (between plants about 35 cm, and between beds about 55 cm).
2. Medium varieties like space (between plants about 45 cm, and between the beds about 65 cm).
3. Late ones require even more space (between plants about 45 cm, and between the beds about 75 cm).

Subject to similar rules the harvest from the beds will be full... Tomatoes will feel that the more fruits they grow, the more they will multiply. As a result, the number of beautiful and ripe fruits will amaze any gardener. Long distance between beds can be planted with mint, celery or cilantro. This will make it possible to save space in the country. Basil and parsley also go well with tomatoes, and the garden becomes very beautiful.

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