Vertical planting of strawberries is a beautiful and practical solution

For many owners of summer cottages, the issue of effective use of space is acute. After all, I want to plant so many things! It is for the purpose of this optimization that the vertical cultivation of individual crops is practiced.

Vertical planting of strawberriesis mainly used in such cases:

  • for growing ampelous plants;
  • in order to save territory;
  • aesthetic considerations.

For ampelous (curly) strawberries, vertical tree supports are often used. The berry is planted near it and, the strawberry, letting its antennae, clings to the trellis itself. Vertical planting for strawberries is very common. pyramid... This design is very easy to do with used car tires.

For the construction of the "pyramid" you need to pick up tires of different sizes. make holes in them with a diameter of 10 - 15 cm. Then make a simple slide out of tires, starting with the largest one. Fill the tires themselves with earth.

Prepare the strawberry mixture in advance. To do this, take two pieces of regular garden soil, a piece of peat and a piece of sand. Then apply organic fertilizer (but not fresh manure, preferably humus), and mix thoroughly. to get a homogeneous mixture.

Strawberry bushes are planted in the holes. Care for strawberries in vertical planting consists of watering, dressing, easier with liquid fertilizers. Rubber tires provide additional heating of the soil, therefore, in this design, the berry bears fruit longer (if it is a remontant variety). Plus, strawberry designs will brighten up any garden.

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