Home apple

Cultivated apple tree or home apple is a tree of the Rosaceae family, it has a spreading lush crown, oval-shaped leaves, white or pinkish flowers.

Today there are a great many varieties of apples, their fruits differ in shape, size, color, taste. Distinguish between early ripening, mid-ripening and late-ripening varieties.

In Russia, the first mentions of the apple tree date back to the period of Kievan Rus; in the 14th century, apple cultivation was already very common in the Moscow state. Later, monasteries and landowners began to plant this culture. The apple boom fell on the period of Soviet rule, it was at this time that new varieties began to be bred.

Today, various summer, autumn and winter varieties are cultivated in our country, depending on climatic conditions and geographical location, different varieties of apples are grown in a particular area. Today, a home apple tree grows in almost every summer cottage, the choice of a variety depends on the taste preferences of the summer resident and the purpose of growing apples. there is varieties that can stay fresh until early spring can be eaten almost all year round. Some people grow decorative small-fruited apple trees on their plots.

Home apple is a good honey plant, from 1 hectare of apple orchard, bees can collect up to 30 kg of honey. Various turning and joinery products are made from the wood of the apple tree, and red paint is prepared from the bark.

The taste of the fruit depends on the content and ratio of fructose, malic and citric acid, tannins. Essential oils give the apples their aroma.

Apples are very useful for our body, they contain fiber, pectin, iron, potassium, manganese and other mineral salts, phytoncides and other useful substances.

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