Agrotechnics of cucumbers. Planting plants in open ground

Agrotechnology of cucumbers includes such aspects of growing this crop as the selection of a suitable site, ensuring the optimal temperature regime, proper soil preparation, adherence to certain planting standards that will ensure a good harvest, watering and fertilizing the plants, as well as directly harvesting.

So, the agricultural technology of cucumbers calls one of the key points in ensuring good growth and development of plants, choosing the right place for planting them. This culture is extremely thermophilic (plants feel best when the thermometer reaches 17-25 degrees), so it must be planted in sunny areas, and the beds should be slightly raised. Soil preparation is also important. The soil must be not acidic (otherwise it will have to be limed) and contain a sufficient amount of nutrients, in particular nitrogen. To increase fertility, a mixture of potassium salt and superphosphate should be added to the soil on the site in the fall, or ash and manure should be used as fertilizer.

Planting cucumbers in the ground (this can be done both by seedling and seedless methods) should be at the end of May, when the air temperature is already high enough and the soil has time to warm up. Planting is best done according to the 10x60 scheme, placing several seeds in each hole, and then, when they germinate, removing weak shoots. It is advisable to transfer the seedlings into the ground directly in the peat pots, since the small sprouts are rather weak and can be easily damaged.

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