Felt cherry diseases and care

Felt cherry diseases are extremely rare, but still you should not forget about them. In most cases, this shrub suffers from a disease called monilial burn.

Its symptoms are visible to the naked eye. If the appropriate measures are not taken in time, then after a few years the plant may die.

Felted cherry in this case, it needs the following actions. First of all, prepare a foundation solution based on this proportion - 10 g per bucket. After that, the shrub must be sprayed during the flowering period. When the weather is humid, repeat the process at the end of flowering. In this case, the affected branches must be cut off.

Felt cherry and its cultivation

Cultivation of felt cherries, whose homeland is considered to be Korea, Mogloia and China, begins with the choice of a place. She prefers an elevated, sunny location. As for the soil, the shrub does not tolerate peat bogs and heavy waterlogged soil. The ideal option is light loamy soil.

Felt cherry, care behind which it is relatively uncomplicated, requires fertilization immediately after flowering.

Use these fertilizers:

  • organic
  • nitrogen
  • potash
  • phosphoric

Lime must be added to the soil every few years.

Cherries are planted in early spring. If you want to root the plant in the fall, then you need to do this only in September.

Felt cherries are useful because their fruits include: fructose, glucose, vitamin C, tannins and pectins.

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