How to choose tomatoes for open ground

Not all summer residents have comfortable greenhouses at their disposal, and some simply cannot move to summer cottages in April. That is why tomatoes for open ground will always have their admirers.

Tomato varieties for open ground are widely represented today. Therefore, when choosing tomatoes for your site, you need to take some care.

Firstly, given the instability of spring and often summer weather, for cultivation in the open field, you need to choose the earliest varieties (from 80 to 105 days). Usually, these are undersized (superdeterminate) and undersized (determinant) tomatoes, giving 3-6 clusters, after which the plants grow and stop growing. This feature also affects the further care of such plants: they do not need a garter and pinching. In addition, early ripening varieties give the main harvest already in the first month of fruiting, which reduces the risk of late blight infection. Such plants can be planted more compactly than tall varieties - 3.5 plants per 1m². In the southern regions, such tomatoes can be grown using the seedless method by sowing directly into the ground.

Secondly, with all the advantages of early varieties, tomatoes for open ground usually have rather small (40-60 g) and not the sweetest fruits. Therefore, carefully study the information indicated on the label or sachet for each specific variety. It is advisable to choose varieties and hybrids marked as "salad" with "great taste". At the same time, smaller fruits are excellent for conservation.

So, when choosing varieties of tomatoes for open ground, pay attention to:

  • ripening time
  • plant type
  • fruit size and flavor characteristics.

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