How to grow eggplants

Eggplant is one of the favorite vegetables for many of our compatriots. But usually we buy eggplants in stores or markets for the reason that the plant is quite demanding in terms of climatic conditions and care.

Since this representative of the nightshade is native to the tropics, he adores the sun and high temperatures. Already at +14 ° C, the plant stops developing, and at +6 ° C, the crop is completely lost. In addition, the soil and air must be sufficiently moist. Eggplant is best suited to a neutral, loose, organic-rich soil. Therefore, for it, non-acidic peat and sawdust (sand) are often mixed.

It is best to sow seeds for seedlings 2 months before planting in permanent soil. Sowing technology is the same as for tomatoes or peppers. Vryatli you will be able to achieve a harvest in open conditions. Most often, eggplants are grown under plastic film or in glazed greenhouses. From time to time they need to be fed with nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium. It is better to do this regularly, for example, once a week.

For normal flowering and fruit formation, the temperature must be sufficiently stable. Sharp changes are fraught with the fall of inflorescences and underdeveloped fruits. The most optimal range is 25-28 ° C.

In the middle lane, it is better to buy specially adapted varieties. Discard the late ripening ones, as they may not have time to give the harvest and from too high (they are more difficult to care for).

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