Growing onions for greens

Even an inexperienced vegetable grower can easily provide his family with fresh herbs by growing them on his windowsill or in the garden. You can easily get green onion feathers and add it to salads or pie fillings with success.

Growing onions for greens can be started already in winter, if you just place small onions in a container of water. You don't need a lot of water, but it is important to add it on time. It is recommended to place the bulbs in individual cups or in a common container, but placing them closer to each other. Soon you will be able to find numerous white roots at the base of the bulb, and its top will begin to split, from where fresh greens will peep out. As it actively grows, you can pinch off the extreme onion feathers and enjoy their freshness and juiciness.

You can also plant onions in large pots filled with all-purpose potting mix. But this method is more expensive in terms of finance and requires a lot of free space.

Growing onions for greens will be more effective if you select large and slightly sprouted bulbs and plant them in open ground. With this method, the greens will be more lush and large, it can be harvested for a longer time.

You can also use seeds, but then they are best sown before winter or early spring. In this case, give preference to onion varieties that do not form a bulb, but form a significant vegetative mass.

By the way, green onion feathers contain several times more vitamins and nutrients than the bulbs themselves.

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