Planting spring garlic

Garlic benefits everywhere. If it is planted among crops such as strawberries, currants, potatoes and cucumbers, then they various diseases and pests will not be scary.

By the time of planting in the ground, garlic can be subdivided into spring and winter... So, planting of spring garlic is carried out in the spring, winter is planted before winter. Spring garlic does not tolerate frost well, but at low temperatures it grows just fine. Spring garlic cloves are rather small, but it is stored much better than winter garlic.

Frosts are not terrible for winter garlic, its teeth are large, and the overall yield is higher than that of spring garlic. Shooting is characteristic of winter garlic varieties.

Planting spring garlic can be produced already in the last days of April. If you want to get delicate greens, then choose areas with partial shade for planting garlic. In open, sunny areas, garlic will delight you with a well-developed bulb.

If you have ever paid attention to the root system of garlic, then you probably noticed that it is poorly developed. Therefore garlic needs fertile soil. It is necessary to water the garlic during the period of active growth of greenery, but when the bulb begins to form watering must be reduced so as not to get it decay.

Ripe garlic is harvested for about in late August... You can focus on the dried and drooping aerial parts of the plant.

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