Fragrant raspberry - sour berry, fragrant flower

We are already accustomed to the fact that sweet raspberries grow in Russian gardens and summer cottages. And all because the berries of raspberry (another name for a fragrant beauty) are rare and sour.

The homeland of this raspberry is the western part of North America. But, having arrived in Russia, this plant has taken root quite well here. The climate and other conditions turned out to be suitable for him. The flowers of fragrant raspberries are quite spectacular. They also release essential oils when touched, enveloping you in a heady scent. Hence the first name. The second is raspberry-tree, associated with the shape of its leaves.

This plant multiplies rapidly, releasing root suckers or seeds from berries. As a result, dense thickets are formed, sometimes reaching a height of up to two meters. Fragrant raspberry is an unpretentious flower that grows both in the shade and in the sun. The only thing that it requires is cross-pollination if you need fruit to appear. And to have more of them, you need to water the plant. Especially on hot summer days without rain. But this raspberry is very resistant to pests and knows how to defend its place in the sun in front of other, not very aggressive plants.

Fertilize raspberries once a year. For this, saltpeter or urea is suitable. 50 g per square meter of land in an even layer - and the fragrant beauty will delight all summer with her blooming appearance and tempting scent.

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