How to properly care for tomatoes

A good harvest requires a reverent attitude towards the plant from the moment the seeds are planted to the time they reach the table. Tomatoes require regular performance of several procedures: watering, feeding, pinching and garter.

How to properly water tomatoes
Tomatoes do not like high humidity. Water the tomatoes in moderation, the water should be warm (room temperature). Watering the beds is desirable in the evening. If watering is done in the morning, then it is necessary to ensure that water falls on the leaves and stems of the plant: water droplets are able to focus the sun's rays, which can lead to burns of delicate plants.

How to properly feed tomatoes
To feed tomatoes, however, like other vegetables and fruits intended for your own use, you need to moderately and only with organic fertilizers. So good results are obtained by feeding with water infused with manure. This additional watering should be done once every other week. In the second week, it is advisable to feed with ash.

How to pinch tomatoes correctly
One of the important stages of caring for tomatoes is pinching. Stepchildren grow in the axils of tomato leaves. To obtain a rich harvest, stepchildren must be removed. It is necessary to carry out this surgical operation when the stepson grows 1 to 3 centimeters long. With clean scissors or nails, pinch it off at the very base.

How to tie tomatoes correctly
For those who want to know thoroughly how to properly care for tomatoes, you need to remember a simple rule: the garter should not damage the plant. For the garter, it is advisable to use soft materials and make sure that the knot is not on the plant.

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