How is rosehip useful?

If you are still wondering whether you need a rosehip in your garden or summer cottage, then it is worth reminding you of what a rosehip is useful for. And also that the dog rose is a very beautiful plant that exudes a light, delicate and pleasant aroma during the flowering period and is a wonderful hedge that will hide you from prying eyes and decorate any corner of the garden.

How is rosehip useful?

- rose hips have vitamin C much more than any other fruit or vegetable, the rose hips, its leaves and petals also contain vitamins K, B, P, calcium, carotene, magnesium, iron, etc., in its roots - tanning substances, and rosehip seeds contain a large amount of vitamin E;

- valuable rose oil is prepared from rosehip flower petals, which is used at home and in industrial perfumery, and also has a number of medicinal and valuable properties;

- it has been proven that rose hips have: anti-inflammatory, choleretic, tonic, diuretic, healing, anti-sclerotic properties;

- rosehip juice and infusions help well with anemia, gastritis, various infectious diseases, hypertension, cholecystitis, atherosclerosis, stone diseases of the kidneys and gallbladder;

- rosehip teas and infusions will help to heal the body, give it more vitality, increase resistance to any diseases, strengthen and support the body in winter, when there are few vitamins;

- the smell of rose hips soothes and relieves headaches;

- rosehip juices have a powerful antioxidant and a pleasant taste, well quench thirst, help improve memory and metabolic processes in the body.

There are many ways of making tea and rosehip infusions, it all depends on the desire, the one who prepares, his taste and the purpose of the drink. However, before starting to use infusions and concentrated teas for medicinal purposes, you should consult a doctor.

Watch the video: rose hip oil pressing with cold oilpress machine. made in germany (October 2021).