Early lettuce varieties are easy to grow in your area

Lettuce is a plant containing many useful minerals and vitamins, its low calorie content and high taste make it an indispensable product in the diet of those who are on a diet, the excellent decorative qualities of the leaves make it indispensable for decorating festive table dishes. The grown salads are divided into two types:

  • cabbage
  • sheet.

Growing lettuce is not very difficult, even novice lovers can get a tasty and healthy harvest. The plant itself has many advantages.

  • It is surprising that delicate pale green seedlings have enviable endurance and can withstand low temperatures and even frost for several days. This allows different types of lettuce to be sown very early and also to get its first harvest early.
  • The second advantage of lettuce is its early maturity. Just a month and a half after the emergence of shoots, lettuce leaves are already considered ready for harvesting, but if you do not set a goal to harvest the maximum yield, then you can start collecting the grown leaves much earlier, in about a month.

The most popular varieties of lettuce are Dubolistny, Australian, Big Early, Salandbaul, Curly Yellow, Volcano, Victoria, Moscow Greenhouse, Lollo Rossa, Lollo Biondo Robin, Dubachek.

When preparing salad dishes, it is first washed well; to add crispness, you can leave the leaves in cold water for a while. Cutting the salad with a knife is not recommended, it is better to break the leaves in large quantities with your hands or generally use them whole - this way they will retain more vitamins. Leafy salad varieties are used not only raw - they are added to soups, the original dish is obtained by wrapping well-seasoned meat filling in boiled leaves and then baking them in the oven.

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