The best strawberry pest control is prevention

The best strawberry pest control is prevention

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The best strawberry pest control is prevention than the use of various chemicals afterwards.

Strawberries should be processed before flowering or after picking berries, you can choose the following drugs: actar, intavir, karbofos, karate and others. Such preparations help in the fight against the main pests of strawberries.

1. A transparent mite, due to which young leaves curl and turn yellow, strawberry bushes become dwarf, and berries are small. Ticks adore wet weather, in which they reproduce effectively. Carbofos is used against ticks after picking berries. If most of the plants are damaged by a tick, then the strawberries should be mowed and sprinkled with karbofos.

2. Nematodes. It lives in the axils of the leaves, damages the entire plant, disfiguring it (the strawberry bush becomes small, squat, the peduncles and buds become fleshy, the leaves darken). The affected bushes are completely destroyed, you need to make sure that there are no weeds on the beds, follow the rules of crop rotation, heat treatment should be carried out before planting the purchased seedlings.

3. Whitefly, weevil, strawberry beetle, also often damage strawberries, control measures - prevention, in case of damage, spraying with karbofos, actar, intavir, etc.

4. Snails, centipedes, slugs cause significant damage to strawberries, especially in shaded, humid planting areas. The preparation of metaldehyde in granules helps well against these pests, it is laid out in places where pests appear after harvest. You should also collect and eliminate pests by hand.

Strawberry pest control should begin in the fall, when it is necessary to disinfect the soil, before planting the plants, or spraying strawberries and soil with a special solution (vegetable oil, liquid soap, ash, vinegar) or a chemical agent.

It helps well in the fight against any pests, as well as strawberry diseases, mulching the soil with a film, destroying all weeds, dry leaves, suspicious-looking strawberry leaves and bushes, loosening the soil, adjusting soil moisture.

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