Chinese plum is a new culture for us

So far, in our gardens and estates, the Chinese plum is still rare. It will thank you for the care, firstly, with wonderful flowering, no worse than that of the popular sakura, and, secondly, with delicious fruits.

The tree itself is low, with a spherical spreading crown. The leaves of this plum are oblong, and the fruits are very juicy, tasty and bright (blue, yellow or red). The Chinese plum blooms very early, before the leaves appear on it. Each bud gives as many as three flowers, you get a magnificent snow-white tree, and you don't want to, but admire, and the mood improves from the sight of such beauty. Not only is the plant so beautiful, it also bears amazing fruits, is resistant to diseases and pests.

Unfortunately, pollination is not always successful, because when the tree is in bloom, bees rarely fly. But if the pollination was successful, there will be a lot of fruits, they just stick around the branches, tightly pressing against each other. This plum begins to bear fruit in the second year after planting. Its spherical fruits are consumed fresh, they are made into preserves and jams, and wine is made. Watch the root collar of the tree. Since it is not very adapted to the conditions of the middle lane, the neck can undermine, which sometimes leads to the death of the tree.

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