How to feed onions for better growth?

Absolutely every gardener wants to see a rich harvest as a result of his labors. In this regard, soon after sprouting in the garden of the first green stalks, most gardeners have a question about how to feed the onion?

Let's try to figure it out and understand how to feed the onion in order to increase its yield. To begin with, you should remember that onion sets do not need any feeding (however, it is still advisable to plant it in soil pre-fertilized with organic or mineral fertilizers). And for the normal development of turnip onions, proper feeding is simply necessary.

So, the first fertilization is carried out, as a rule, after the first thinning of the rows, that is, the removal of excess, weak plants. At this time, onions are most in need of phosphorus and nitrogen. At the same time, when fertilizing onions, it is advisable to give preference to organic dressings, which, in addition to the main nutrients, also contain many biologically active substances and microelements. The best options for such fertilization are infusions of horse manure, mullein and bird droppings, diluted with water in the ratio of 1:10, 1: 6 and 1:20, respectively. In the future, after carrying out such a feeding, the plants must be protected from pests that are attracted by the smell of manure, in particular, onion flies. For this purpose, you can use a mixture of tobacco dust and lime, which must be pollinated onions.

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