How can you fertilize strawberries ?!

How do you wish that all the efforts made in the process of growing strawberries were not in vain and the harvest would please the eye not only with its quantity, but also, accordingly, with its quality. But here's how to properly fertilize strawberries without any special material, physical and moral costs ?!

Initially, it is necessary to fertilize the soil shortly before planting with manure or siderite legumes. Manure is scattered at the rate of 40-50 tons per 1 hectare. Manure is applied to the fallow field in autumn or early spring. In the fight against annoying weeds, it is very effective to use herbicides, which greatly facilitate the task.

Also, as already mentioned, siderite legumes can be used instead of manure. In early spring, a vetch-oat mixture should be planted (150/50 kg per 1 ha, respectively). Before sowing siderite, it is worth adding NPK at the rate of 60 kg per 1 ha. After flowering of this ratio, the resulting green mass must be crushed and shoved into the soil to a depth of literally 15 cm.

During the operation of the berry, nitrogen fertilizers should be used in early spring and after harvest.

You can also fertilize the soil with ammonium nitrate (1.5 c / ha). After the harvest is harvested, it is better to mow the strawberry leaves at a height of about 6 cm for everything, and then collect the mowed mass. And of course, do not forget about regular watering and loosening.

This system of fertilizing tasty berries increases fertility by an average of 35-40% and saves time and costs literally 2 times.

Watch the video: How to Fertilize Everbearing Strawberries: Garden Space (October 2021).