Planting time for cucumbers

It is believed that the cucumber appeared in our country from distant and warm India. In addition, cucumber juice has a beneficial effect on the body as a whole.

Many summer residents are happy to grow cucumbers of various varieties on their plots. Planting time for cucumbers depends on the growing method and weather conditions, since the vegetable belongs to heat-loving crops.

There are two methods of growing cucumbers: seed and seedlings. In any case, planting seeds or seedlings in open ground is carried out only in well-heated soil. The temperature should be at least 15 degrees, otherwise the seeds will die from the cold.

Also, the planting time for cucumbers varies depending on the region. In the central part of Russia, planting is carried out towards the end of May, and in the center of Europe, it can be planted as early as May.

For planting cucumbers, fertile, loose soil is suitable, which is able to retain moisture, since cucumbers are moisture-loving plants.

It is best to choose a place for cucumbers in the garden to be sunny and calm. The ideal temperature for growing cucumbers is 25 to 30 degrees. If the air temperature drops below 15 degrees, then the harvest can not be expected. The plant at any stage of cultivation is very sensitive to frost, which is destructive for it.

Cucumbers are not very whimsical crops, but they require appropriate care to get a good harvest.

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