How to plant a salad?

Salad is a very healthy vegetable. I prefer the Lola Rossa salad because it also contains iodine, which is important for us, who live so far from the sea, and rarely give ourselves the joy of a seaside holiday. True, "Lola Rossa" is not green, but coral along the edges, but this does not bother me. But many people love exactly green salads: iceberg, frieze, watercress, rucolla and others.

The way to plant a salad does not depend on its type. The best precursors to lettuce are vegetables that have been organically fertilized. Lettuce loves light soils. It is better to sow it in May, when the earth warms up enough. Make furrows on the bed, the distance between which should be about 30 centimeters. The depth of the furrow is 1-1.5 cm. The seeds of the lettuce are very shallow, you will have to sow by hand, try to keep the seeds at some distance (15 cm) of arcs from each other. Then mulch the furrows. That's all the wisdom on how to plant a salad.

As a rule, lettuce is weeded only once, immediately after germination. Then he will "crush" the weeds himself. Water should be abundantly at the root. Usually lettuce can be harvested 40-45 days after sowing. If you want to have a fresh salad all summer long, sow it about every two weeks. Many gardeners plant different types of lettuce. All of them will get along well on the same bed, and will look great on one plate, as a decoration for a dish.

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