Rosehip during pregnancy and its benefits

Rosehip during pregnancy can be safely drunk if you are sure that you will not harm your body and the unborn baby. Remember that any infusion must be taken with caution in case of diseases of the skin and heart.

Rosehip, the contraindications of which are not known to many, cannot be used as a decoction for a certain category of people. So, for women "in an interesting position" who suffer from thrombophlebitis, constipation and high blood pressure, rosehip in any form is prohibited for use.

Rosehip and its beneficial properties

Growing rose hips in a summer cottage will not hurt anyone. After all, its fruits contain a huge amount of vitamin C, which not only protects the body from infectious diseases during epidemics, but also increases the elasticity of blood vessels, stimulates the endocrine glands, and reduces cholesterol.

As you can see, rose hips, the beneficial properties of which are explained by the content of ascorbic acid and trace elements, must be drunk as an additional prophylaxis. About 10-15 berries per day are enough for a person, since this is considered an acceptable daily intake of vitamin C.

You also need to know how to brew rose hips correctly. First, the berries are rinsed with water. After that, they are placed in glassware (if you use a thermos, then it must have a glass flask) and filled with hot water (but not boiling water). Rosehip is infused for 12 hours.

After taking a rosehip decoction, rinse your mouth with warm water, because ascorbic acid negatively affects the condition of your tooth enamel.

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