Table beet seeds are sown at a soil temperature of 8 degrees Celsius

Include table beets in your diet. With its use, blood cholesterol is reduced.

It is a cross-pollinated plant. Cold-hardy, but more heat-demanding than carrots. Table beet seeds should be sown at a soil temperature of 6 - 8 degrees Celsius.

Table beet seeds are quite demanding on the soil. Germinate well on black earth, gray and dark gray.

As already noted, this is a cold-resistant plant. Seeds of beetroot germinate at a temperature of 4 - 6 degrees Celsius. This is not the optimal temperature, the first shoots will have to wait a long time - 22 days. And at a temperature of 25 degrees, seedlings will appear in a week. With root formation, it is desirable that the temperature be at least 15 degrees, and lowering it to zero leads to negative consequences. Until the death of seedlings. When 2 - 3 pairs of leaves appear, the plant reacts less painfully to a drop in temperature and tolerates them steadily.

Beets are in great need of watering during germination of seedlings and especially after their emergence.

Choose a sunny place to plant it. Beetroot is a light-loving plant. With a lack of light, the root crop loses up to 30% of its mass, and the taste deteriorates.

It is good to plant beets in the area where potatoes, legumes and cucumbers grew before it.

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