Rocco potato variety

When choosing a suitable potato variety for growing, the factors that summer residents usually pay attention to are: the ripening time of the potato, its resistance to various viruses and diseases, yield, and keeping quality.


  • Rocco potatoes in Russia
  • Variety characteristic
  • Disease resistance

Thanks to the long and productive work of breeders, a huge number of potato varieties have been bred, each of which has unique characteristics and properties. Nowadays, every summer resident can grow any kind of potato in accordance with his needs.

However, among the great variety of varieties, there are favorites, in many ways superior to others. One of the most popular potato varieties is Rocco, which was bred in Holland and which has been in considerable demand among experienced summer residents for a long time.

Rocco potatoes in Russia

The Rocco variety has a rich and interesting history, during which it managed to take root in many countries of the world, including Russia. By the way, this potato variety has been grown in Russia for the second decade already, and it all began in 2002, when Rocco was entered into the State Register of Potato Varieties of the Russian Federation. Since then, it has spread throughout the entire state and now it can be found in almost any food market or in a summer cottage where root crops and vegetables are grown.

Variety characteristic

Its growing season is about 100 days, so it belongs to the mid-season varieties. One of the striking indicators inherent in the Rocco potato variety is its high yield. About 12 potato tubers can be harvested from one bush, while the weight of one tuber can reach a decent figure of 120-125g.

Rocco belongs to the table varieties, which means that the potatoes have excellent taste and a pleasant smell. The potato leaves are open and wavy at the edges and are of medium size, and the flowering color (if any) is red-violet.

The Rocco variety is also attractive because it gives an impressive size, not deformed and pleasant-looking tubers with a pronounced skin color. For the most part, the tubers of the Rocco variety are of the correct shape and look like a rounded oval. The skin of the potato is red and the flesh is distinguished by its pleasant creamy white color.

The Rocco potato variety has an excellent taste that is difficult to confuse with any other potato variety. It is ideal for cooking as it does not tend to change color during cooking. Even after cooking, the potato pulp remains white. It is worth noting that in most cases, when preparing chips or French fries, it is Rocco's potatoes that are used, since chips and fried potatoes from it are surprisingly tasty, crispy and capable of delighting even sophisticated gourmets. The starch content in the Rocco variety is 16-18%.

The main advantages, thanks to which the Rocco variety stands out favorably against the rest, include its high drought resistance, proven after numerous experiments, as well as excellent keeping quality. In addition to all of the above, Rocco does not show capriciousness to storage and transportation conditions and, in addition, has a very high commodity yield, which can reach up to 95%. Breeders have also determined that the Rocco potato variety is very picky about its environment and growing conditions. Thus, summer residents can be sure that this variety will take root almost anywhere.

Disease resistance

Rocco's value lies not only in its high and stable yield, but also in its resistance to various potato diseases, which not every variety can boast of. Rocco is highly resistant to potato crayfish as well as golden potato nematode. This potato variety has medium resistance to leaf curling. The Rocco variety, among other things, also shows good results in resistance to wrinkled and banded mosaics. Regarding tubers and tops, Rocco, unfortunately, is less resistant to late blight. But it compensates for this by the high characteristics of resistance to the Y virus.

Thus, the Rocco potato variety is highly regarded in the market for its qualities and is an ideal variety for retail sales.

It is not for nothing that they call it one of the best, since it is in it that everything that people, in fact, like potatoes, is collected for. Nowadays, it is hard to imagine a grocery market without Rocco's potatoes, since it is he who most of the buyers give their preference to. It is not surprising, because thanks to the quintessence of wonderful taste and unpretentiousness to storage conditions, this variety is difficult to ignore.

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