The calorie content of radish and its composition speak volumes.

We all love not only meat and fish, but also fruits and especially vegetables. Let us examine such topics as the composition of nutrients, the calorie content of radish and its natural origin.

Despite the fact that the radish comes from France in our country, it is quite popular and, in principle, not so expensive. Therefore, we are happy to use such a useful and really low-calorie product.

The benefits of radish are, first of all, its low-calorie content (only 15-16 kcal per 100 g.), A rather high content of essential oils, vitamins and minerals. In addition, radish is useful for many diseases, its juice and peel are also of great benefit.

It is the calorie content of the radish that praises it so much, because if you decide to go on a strict diet, the radish will perfectly support it. A set of certain low-calorie vegetables can easily make your diet menu.

Radish, although it has many vitamins and is useful to all people, without exception, it can still cause harm. Due to the fact that it contains a large percentage of essential oils, you can eat a lot and often you cannot, as it can disrupt the metabolism and the work of the stomach.

The main thing before use is to look at the peel of the radish, because it is she who shows in what form the fruit is. The peel should be smooth, bright pink, free of dots and fibers. And also the main difference between a ripe and absolutely fresh radish is its elasticity, like a watermelon or a radish.

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