Strawberry care in spring

Strawberries or garden strawberries are one of the favorite berries of both children and adults. And in order for the berries to bear fruit generously, they must be properly looked after.

Strawberry care in spring is a must. Do not think that after winter the plant grows absolutely independently, waking up from hibernation. In the spring, it is imperative to remove the dry leaves of the bush, remove the powder mulch, in which many pests have hidden for the winter and thereby save the plant from their effects, in addition, this will allow the sun to warm up the strawberry root system faster. It is necessary to loosen the soil very well between the rows, especially if you still leave some of the powder, although this is not recommended.

Caring for strawberries in the spring necessarily means feeding the bushes. To do this, dilute 2 cups of mushy mullein and 1 tablespoon of ammonium in 10 liters of water. For each bush, 1 liter of top dressing is used. There is no need to remove the old leaves of the bushes in the bushes that have not yet grown, this can be done later, when the young ones grow up.

For strawberries of the second year of fruiting, when loosening the soil, wood ash is added, at the rate of 2 glasses per 1 sq.m. In addition, strawberries also need to be fertilized before flowering. It is best with potassium sulfate (1 tsp) + nitrophos (2 tbsp) for 10 liters of water and add half a liter under each bush.

Watch the video: Removing Mulch from Strawberries in Spring (October 2021).