Hazelnut seedlings

Growing hazelnuts seems like a very daunting task. Hazelnuts also contain protein, vitamin E, potassium, iron, cobalt.

For planting, hazelnut seedlings are often used. Hazelnuts love soil rich in organic matter, but light in texture. The soil should be air and moisture permeable, since the root system is located superficially, the roots are located in the upper layer. For this, in some cases, sand is added.

Hazelnut seedlings, obtained by layering, most often bloom in the first year. This is the advantage of this method of growing hazelnuts. With the help of horizontal layers from one shoot, you can get up to five seedlings. The next year, in the fall, the layers can already be transplanted. To do this, they need to be completely dug up, and then cut so that each part has one shoot, which has already taken root. The seedlings are then transplanted into a prepared place. Seedlings need to be watered periodically, especially during the ripening period of nuts. With insufficient moisture and at high temperatures, they can shed fruits.

The first crop obtained is measured by the piece, but every year the amount of the crop grows. It is not so difficult to grow hazelnuts on your site, knowing some of the features of this nut.

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