The best hybrid varieties - tomato Torbay F1

Those who follow the breeding novelties have already appreciated the new tomato Torbay F1. Gollandic breeders have developed a wonderful variety suitable for growing in open ground, under temporary shelter, as well as in greenhouses and greenhouses.

The main qualities of the fruit
Tomato Torbay F1 has won the hearts of both amateur and professional gardeners due to its unique combination of taste and appearance. Torbay F1 is distinguished by rather large fruits (200 - 250 g) of beautiful pink color. There is no green spot near the stalk. The excellent taste of this salad variety rivals such recognized authorities as Oxheart or De Barao pink. The shape of the fruits of this variety is flat-round, slightly ribbed, the structure is dense. Due to its dense structure and neat shape, Torbay is the most transportable pink tomato, which is perfectly stored both at home and in industrial vegetable warehouses.

Plant features
Tomato Torbay is a mid-early determinant hybrid that grows into a powerful, sprawling plant. This shape of the bush allows you to perfectly cover the fruits and prevent sunburn. But the plant requires shaping and a garter. Tomato Torbay F1 is resistant to fusarium, root and apical rot, verticillary wilt. 70-75 days pass from planting seedlings to harvesting the first harvest. Fruiting stretches until mid-October.

This hybrid is distinguished by excellent fruit set by their density, uniformity and resistance to cracking. And since the price of pink tomatoes is usually much higher than red ones, the Torbay F1 tomato may soon become the market leader.

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