What should be the care of currants in spring

Planting any plant or bush on your site does not mean that you will have a large harvest. After all, there are such capricious fruits that care for them should be ideal.

Let's talk about what should be the care of currants in the spring and what basic rules should be followed in this case.

Basic rules for caring for currants in the spring:

  • kidneys that are damaged by a tick (this will be noticeable) need to be cut off;
  • if the buds or whole branches are damaged, then it is better to cut the bush to the base;
  • it is very useful to dig in the ground around the bush and sprinkle with humus or manure;
  • the plant is moisture-loving, so watering should be frequent;
  • Weeds need to be cut 3-4 times a month, because they interfere with growth and spoil the soil;
  • it is imperative to cut the bush, shape it.

In principle, caring for currants in the spring is not as difficult as it seems. Probably the most difficult stage of care is the winter period of currant growth. Because she does not like the cold and very badly tolerates.

The most important thing that can be distinguished from the above is watering, especially during a drought (if there are frequent enough rains, then watering can be suspended). It is also very important for currants - fertilizers of various nature and type; the main thing is that the fertilizer does not touch the branches (the base of the currant), but it is, as it were, around it and deep into the soil. And also - this is directly caring for the bush itself, pruning it, eliminating the tick, cutting off diseased kidneys, etc.

Watch the video: How to prune a red or white currant bush (October 2021).