New varieties of strawberries - improved quality berries

Amateur gardeners consider strawberries a royal berry. Beautiful green bushes, carved leaves, large bright berries with excellent taste - why not a royal plant? Strawberries are grown with great success by many amateurs on their plots, and breeders are constantly working to create new, more advanced varieties of this berry.

Modern new varieties of strawberries have

  • higher taste
  • they are much sweeter
  • berries have a brighter aroma.

Many of the varieties give berries of very large sizes, beautiful regular shape, rich and uniform, both outside and inside the berry, color. The new varieties are also characterized by increased profitability and productivity, transportability. Some of the varieties are also suitable for growing in greenhouses.

Much attention is paid to improving the characteristics of the plant itself - new varieties of strawberries are not prone to freezing in winter, they are not afraid of fungal diseases, rot and late blight, they are resistant to other diseases of the root system and foliage, they withstand well the stresses created by weather factors.

But when purchasing new varieties of strawberries, one must first of all take into account the fact that only those that are grown in the most optimal conditions can give the greatest return. On different soils, even in the same natural conditions, varieties can realize their potential in different ways. As a rule, new varieties are tested in the networks of state variety testing, then they are released. Nevertheless, many of the non-zoning varieties are very successfully grown by amateurs and deservedly attract increased attention.

Elite varieties are purchased in nurseries or specialized farms; advice on the availability of high-quality seedlings can also be obtained from local agricultural departments.