Aromas strawberry - pest resistant variety

The choice of a strawberry variety is a very responsible task that a gardener faces. In order to avoid mistakes, he must take into account the external and taste characteristics of the berry, the peculiarities of caring for it, preferences for soil and clarification, and the ability of the variety for repeated fruiting.

The Aromas strawberry belongs to the remontant varieties, that is, it bears fruit throughout the summer before the first frost. It prefers to grow on fertile soil (for example, on sandy or slightly acidic loams). This variety of strawberries suffers greatly from weeds; therefore, the land must be carefully cultivated and periodically loosened. In May, organic fertilizers are applied under the Aromas strawberries, watered with a diluted mullein at the root, in a ratio of 1 part of fertilizer to 2 parts of water.

Aromas strawberry differs from other varieties in a taller bush, this contributes to better ripening of berries, protects against pests and makes it easier to fight them. In general, the Aromas variety is characterized by high resistance to diseases and pests (especially to spider mites and mildew).

The berries are large and juicy, with a pronounced strawberry aroma (from which the name comes from). Not enough moisture affects the quality of the crop. Aromas strawberry fruits become smaller than usual, their special taste is lost. Therefore, strawberry bushes need watering at least once a week, and in hot, rainless weather, once every 3-4 days.

The Aromas strawberry is not an early variety; it begins to bear fruit from mid-June.

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