Diseases and pests of cucumbers. How to get rid of them

Almost every gardener has a cucumber garden. Therefore, the diseases and pests of cucumbers that they encounter, and the methods of dealing with them, are very relevant.

The most common diseases of this culture are powdery mildew, gray and root rot, brown spot and others.

The main pests of cucumbers

The most common pests are melon aphids, greenhouse whiteflies, spider mites and sprout flies.

The most dangerous for cucumbers is the melon aphid. Damaging ovaries and flowers, shoots and the underside of leaves, it causes them to wrinkle and curl.

To prevent the appearance of melon aphids, it is necessary to destroy all weeds, in a timely manner removing plant residues from which the aphid passes.

Helps in the fight against aphids infusion of hot pepper with tobacco dust. Pour 30 grams of fresh (or 10 dried) paprika with 200 grams of tobacco dust in a bucket of hot water and leave for 24 hours. Strain the solution, add 2 tablespoons of liquid soap and wood ash and spray the plants with this composition. Repeat the operation in 6-7 days.

Another option: dilute a glass of wood ash in 10 liters of hot water and insist for a day, then proceed as in the previous recipe. Handle in the evening in calm weather.

To combat spider mites, cucumbers are sprayed with an infusion of insecticidal plants or the same infusion of hot pepper with tobacco dust. The processing method is the same as for the melon aphid.

To combat whitefly, a mechanical method is recommended for its destruction using glue traps: paint pieces of plywood with white paint, spread with an adhesive (petroleum jelly, rosin with honey, castor oil). After collecting the caught pests, wipe the plywood, grease it again and reinstall it.

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