How to grow tomatoes on the balcony

One of the popular vegetable crops is the tomato, which is found in many delicious dishes.

Some people dream of having fresh tomatoes at hand, so they are interested in how to grow tomatoes on the balcony. This is quite simple to do, guided by the basic growing technologies.

For home conditions, early ripening varieties, for example, White filling, are best suited. The seeds must be germinated first. To do this, they should be treated with a weak solution of potassium permanganate (potassium permanganate) and wrapped in a wet cloth and put on a plate or saucer. Seeds require warm conditions to germinate, so choose a warm place: near a radiator or stove. In this case, you should regularly moisten the cloth.

After a few days, white shoots should appear on the seeds. Now they can be planted in pots. After planting, they should be watered with warm water and covered with a glass jar and put back in a warm place.

As soon as shoots appear, the pots can be taken out to the balcony, closer to the light. After about one week, the sprouted tomatoes can be fed with a mineral fertilizer solution. And after another week, it is recommended to water them with a weak solution of potassium permanganate for the prevention of diseases.

As the tomatoes grow, they will produce side shoots called stepchildren. They need to be removed. A garter of the plant is also recommended.

Tomatoes are self-pollinating plants, so fertilization can be improved by hand pollination. To do this, it is recommended to gently shake the flowers during flowering or open the balcony for air flow.

Those who know how to grow tomatoes on the balcony do it without much difficulty and get a good harvest.

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