Alisso - Alyssum maritima


The genus Alyssum includes dozens of species, annual and perennial, originating in Europe and North Africa; the annual alyss A. maritima, is also called Lobularia maritima. It is a herbaceous plant with a prostrate growth habit, 10-15 cm high, ground cover, rapidly growing. The small leaves are light green, sometimes grayish; from April until the first colds the alyssum maritima produces numerous white, purple or rosé flowers, delicately scented, gathered in umbrella-shaped racemes. It is an easy-to-cultivate annual, used in flowerbeds, in containers and often even on dry stone walls.

The small plants of alisso, despite having a so delicate aspect, are resistant to pests and diseases. However, in rare cases they may be affected by aphids and scale insects. When this happens it is necessary to wash the leaves of ours alyssum with a sponge soaked in water. In more serious cases, use specific pesticide products.