Planting potatoes

With the arrival of spring, almost every gardener allocates part of his land for planting potatoes. The future autumn harvest and aromatic dishes on the winter table depend on how we plant and leave the queen of the fields.

Proper planting of potatoes is the key to quick germination and the formation of good bushes. Before that, the tubers need to be prepared, since they are planted already sprouted. It is best to select medium-sized planting material with sprouts of 1-2 centimeters. If there are not enough potatoes, you can cut them. Select larger tubers for this purpose. The main thing is to get pieces of at least 20 grams with 2-3 eyes. 5-7 days before planting, potatoes are heated in a ventilated room or outdoors at a temperature of 15 to 25 degrees.

To accelerate growth and increase the yield, you can pre-soak the tubers in a solution of mineral fertilizers. Also, before planting, you need to process the hole. Pour it with a solution of copper sulfate, sprinkle with crushed eggshells and wood ash. Ash is a very useful fertilizer that improves the quality of the soil and the potatoes themselves.

When the first shoots appear, it is useful to do hilling. This will protect the young shoots from the first attacks of the Colorado potato beetle. In addition, if you planted potatoes early, this procedure will save you from night frosts.

For convenience, large and small farms today increasingly use potato planters, which completely replace manual labor.

Watch the video: Potato Planting. Deutz-Fahr Agrotron 7250 TTV on Row-Crop Tracks + Dewulf Miedema belt planter (October 2021).