Technology for growing cucumbers in a greenhouse

Greenhouse cucumbers, as a rule, are much inferior in their taste to cucumbers that are grown in an open-air garden. Unpretentious varieties do not require much effort to grow them.

The technology for growing cucumbers in a greenhouse is somewhat different than when growing in open ground, but if everything is done correctly, then you can grow quite decent products. In order to get a good harvest, you need to know that this culture is very fond of space, so cucumbers, even in greenhouse conditions, must grow at a certain distance from each other. Cucumbers, like all living things, love careful care and attention.

Seeds are sown around March, for this pots with fertile soil are prepared, each of which is placed one seed. The diameter of the pot should be at least 8 cm. Germination of cucumber seeds is best done at a temperature of 20 -25 degrees.

The technology of growing cucumbers in a greenhouse includes several stages - planting, care, harvesting.

After the seedlings have grown, they are transferred into larger pots (about 12 cm). Cucumbers are very sensitive to drafts, therefore, it is worth protecting from temperature drops in early spring, for this they often create protective compartments. After active growth of cucumbers begins, they must be watered abundantly, avoiding excessive waterlogging of the soil. It does not hurt to feed the cucumbers with a special fertilizer.

The main shoot is tied to a support, in the lower part, at a height of about half a meter, it is necessary to pinch the lateral shoots. In greenhouse conditions, cucumbers grow very quickly, therefore, already in May, you can get the first harvest and harvest fruits until October. It is better to cut cucumbers with pruning shears so as not to damage the stems.

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