Basil purple

In nature, there are many herbs that are used in cooking. Among these herbs, basil purple can be distinguished, which has many beneficial properties.

Basil purple is considered the best spice plant that has a lot of vitamins. Basil leaves contain many essential oils.

Basil is a thermophilic plant. If the climate conditions are not entirely warm, then it is better to grow it in greenhouses, greenhouses. If there is confidence that there will be no cold weather or frost, then you can plant in open ground.

There is no exact data on what exactly basil is useful for, but it is clear that it has healing properties and heals the body. Basil is often taken with food for the prevention of various diseases, such as diseases of the lungs, oral cavity, acute respiratory infections.

Basil also has a wonderful property to protect against radiation, as well as to cure ailments caused by it. It also has excellent wound healing and anti-infective properties.

Due to the high content of vitamins A, C, PP, basil strengthens the walls of blood vessels, strengthens nails, hair and improves skin condition.

Basil is used as a general tonic and tonic, which helps to cope with surgeries and diseases.

Purple basil differs only in color, while it has all the same beneficial properties as other types of basil. When properly grown, basil will retain its beneficial properties, both dried and salted.

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