What is the best substrate for strawberries to use?

For the amazing taste of strawberries, richness with vitamins and mineral elements, many gardeners give considerable areas for the cultivation of this crop. One of them is a quality strawberry substrate.

The ideal substrate is a mixture of turf, peat, humus, fine sawdust and sand. Before using the earth, it is advisable to remove all unnecessary (stones, roots and other large impurities) from it.

Medium loamy sod land is the best, since it is not acidic and contains quite a lot of organic matter. But in its pure form, it is not used, adding sawdust for looseness and lightness. To prepare a substrate for strawberries, take 2 parts of sawdust for 7 parts of the earth.

Peat is the cleanest substrate, lightweight, with excellent water retention capacity. Experts advise adding a glass of wood ash or 2-3 tablespoons of dolomite flour to 1 bucket of peat, stirring thoroughly.

The most fertile part of the substrate mixture, rich in organic matter, is humus soil. It is obtained from the decomposition of manure and other organic residues.

Sand is added to soil mixtures for strawberries in small quantities - no more than a tenth of the total volume of the entire mixture. River, coarse-grained sand is best suited for these purposes.

These components in the composition of the substrate for growing strawberries is one of the possible options. But it is well proven by many years of experience.

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