Planting Chinese cabbage in open ground

Peking cabbage, being one of the richest vegetables in vitamin C, is a fairly cold-resistant crop. That is, seeds for seedlings must be sown at the end of April. Seedlings should not be placed too densely: you should not plant more than 12-15 plants on one square meter of land.

Planting Chinese cabbage in a seedless way is carried out in a slightly different way: the seeds are sown in open soil in three stages - in late April - early May, two weeks after the first planting and in early August. Accordingly, the ripening time of the crop will depend on the selected period. It should be borne in mind that this culture is early ripening, the rosette of cabbage is formed after 40-50 days, and heads of cabbage - 60-80 days after planting.

Further care for Peking cabbage is quite simple and consists in regular watering and removing all kinds of weeds from the garden. But it is better to refuse fertilizers and dressings altogether. The fact is that this culture is prone to extremely rapid accumulation (especially in the leaf stalks and stems) of nitrates, and the use of such an overly "fed" vegetable can have a negative effect on the human body.

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