Fertilizer for potatoes Kemir

Potatoes are considered to be the second bread, because the diet of almost every family includes dishes made from potatoes or with potato content. Due to the starch content, potatoes have a huge nutritional value, as well as their tubers are endowed with a group of vitamins - A, B, C, PP and contain a significant amount of minerals.

It's no secret that to get a decent harvest, the plant needs to be properly fertilized, potatoes are no exception.

One of the most priority and frequently used fertilizers is Kemira Potato-5. Kemira is a fertilizer specially designed for potatoes, so the content of useful elements is selected specifically for this vegetable. The fertilizer does not contain chlorine, which has a very detrimental effect on plant growth and development. Also, the positive aspects of kemira are contributing to an increase in tuberization, an improvement in the starchiness of potatoes and an increase in storage stability.

In the technology of growing potatoes, there are three main stages: preparation, planting and care during the growing season.

During the preparation period, the soil on the site is properly dug up and fertilized with the main dose of mineral fertilizer (per 1 sq. M. 60-80 g. Of kemira)

During the planting stage, potato tubers are planted at a distance of 30 cm between themselves in furrows, which are located at a distance of 70 cm from each other. The fertilizer rate per plant is 15-20 g.

During the growing season, plants loosen the soil. The feeding rate during this period is 30-40g. for 1 sq.m. soil.

The plant should be fertilized evenly, carefully distributing the mineral components in the planting area. The most promising is the application of fertilizers to the soil, thereby establishing the desired ratio of nutrients.

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