Cucumber Graceful - a favorite of gardeners

Growing cucumbers is somewhat troublesome, but very rewarding. It should be noted that it belongs to the early maturing, from the appearance of the first shoots to the collection of the first harvest, it will take only 45-50 days.

If the optimum temperature is observed, from 20 to 25 degrees, seedlings appear already on the third day after planting the seeds. If possible, it is best to initially grow cucumber seedlings in a greenhouse, in cups. The soil needs to be prepared special - it is best to add sawdust or leaves to it to increase aeration, as well as fertilizer according to standards. Seedlings are planted in open ground at the age of 20-26 days, in late May-early June, when the temperature at night is already quite high. It is best to have up to 3 plants per square meter.

  • Cucumber Graceful does not require special care for itself, like all of its brothers, it loves systematic watering with warm water.
  • Feeding the cucumber is done every ten days, this event is combined with watering.
  • The bush is formed by pinching the stem over the third leaf. A properly formed bush of the Graceful cucumber usually has 5-6 lashes.

The fruits have a beautiful elliptical shape, small tubercles, their weight can reach 90-130 grams. The fruits have an attractive presentation, high uniformity, do not turn yellow and are well stored. Variety Graceful has a universal purpose, good in fresh, canned form, suitable for pickling. Cucumber retains high taste in any form.

The plant is attractive for its ability to survive under adverse temperature and weather conditions, resistance to various diseases. For growing cucumbers, loose and fertile soils rich in humus are suitable.

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