Correct planting of a tomato in open ground

Planting tomatoes in open ground has certain features, without the knowledge of which it is difficult to grow a good harvest. After all, each of them is characterized by certain features.

Tomatoes and their cultivation

When buying tomato seeds, pay attention to the words "for open ground" on the label. As for taste preferences, it should be written not good, but excellent taste. Considering the period of fruit ripening, you need to dwell on those whose development length is no more than 100-105 days.

Growing tomatoes in the open field begins with planting seedlings, which is carried out from late May to early June. The distance between plants should be 30 cm.

If you plant medium-sized tomato varieties, then you need to make sure that the soil is well warmed up. Try to avoid areas where potatoes have previously grown. Tomatoes do not like acidic soils, so give preference to those areas where compost, ash, lime were previously introduced.

Outdoor tomato care means keeping the soil free of weeds. Remember that the fruits are relatively slow to pour, so they need a little moisture. But, if the soil is dry, then the green fruits may begin to gradually rot.

Growing tomatoes can also be carried out without additional feeding. But, if the weather outside is steadily sunny, then in June you can apply nitrogen fertilizers under each tomato bush.

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