How to grow blueberries?

Many gardeners and summer residents are puzzled by the question “how to grow blueberries?”, Because many have negative experiences. And blueberry is a very useful berry, it improves vision, stool, digestion, stops aging, gently cleanses the intestines, and most importantly activates impulses in neurons, which helps to normalize the functioning of the nerve cell.

How to grow blueberries? There are a few rules to follow.

1. Choose a variety suitable for growing in your area. For example: Canadian low-growing blueberries are good for northern regions, and tall blueberries for warm regions.

2. When choosing a blueberry variety, also take into account the ripening time. So, for example, the varieties Duke, Stanley and others begin to produce berries in July and are suitable for many regions, but the varieties Gorbert, Ivanhoe, etc. are not suitable for middle and northern latitudes, since the berry ripens in September. There are also mid-season varieties, such as Patriot, Blyukrop, etc., which produce berries by the end of July.

3. Find the right place to plant blueberries. The berry loves sunny places that are protected from the wind, with a waterproof, slightly acidic soil - only on such soil will blueberries grow and bear fruit well. It is best to use high-moor peat, but if this is not the case, then you need to take the top layer of soil with butchery from a pine forest.

4. In the hole in which you will plant blueberries, about 40 cm deep and about 90 cm in diameter, you need to add about 50 g of superphosphate or a bucket of humus. It is necessary to remember: wood ash and manure are contraindicated for blueberries. It is better to plant blueberries in spring. After planting, pour over slightly acidified water.

5. Properly feed blueberries. It is better to do this in spring, so that the shoots of blueberries need nitrogen (about 90 g per bush of ammonium sulfate), it is advisable to mulch each bush with fresh sawdust. So that the plant can withstand various stressful situations, the bushes need to be fertilized with phosphorus (100 g per bush), magnesium sulfate (15 g per bush), a mixture of trace elements (2 g per bush).

6. Properly care for blueberries. Pruning bushes can be done from the sixth year of the plant's life, in winter or early spring, leaving 4 fruiting branches and 4 growing branches. Blueberries love moderate moisture, you cannot overmoisten them.

For beginners in the business of growing blueberries, the Rankocasa variety is suitable - unpretentious, hardy and strong, gives small sweet berries. And the most popular variety of dove is Bluecrop, which gives large sweet berries with a slight sourness.

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