Tomato trellis

In summer cottages, you can often see luxurious tomato bushes with a lot of leaves, but the harvest from such bushes is not at all great. What is the reason for this? It turns out that the point here is not at all in different varieties, but in the fact that if a trellis for a tomato is used, then much more fruit can be harvested from a bush, and if tall varieties of tomatoes are grown without a trellis, then the yield will be half as much.

Some summer residents do not like to tinker with trellises and tie up bushes, so they choose low-growing varieties of tomatoes that can grow without support and do not require increased attention. But there is also a minus in such cultivation, you should not expect large fruits from undersized bushes, the harvest from such plants is meager, and the taste of tomatoes leaves much to be desired.

The trellis for tomatoes helps to significantly increase the yield per unit area, and also guarantees a harvest even in adverse weather. Such a device is especially advantageous to use in an area with a limited area where trees and shrubs grow.

When growing tomatoes, it should be remembered that they do not like shading, shaded bushes without a trellis begin to fight for light, the stem lengthens, the foliage grows, and the number of fruits decreases.

If you use trellises, then 3 tomato bushes can be planted per square meter. If a month before the last harvest from the bush, pinch the top leaves, then you can accelerate the ripening of the fruits, they will become larger, but the yield will decrease.

Tying tomatoes to a trellis is usually done in greenhouses, this is done to give the tomatoes an upright position in order to save space.

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